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Ballerina Wellness Christmas Gift Package

$72 $84

Stretch and roll out tight, aching muscles with this perfect wellness gift set for dancers

**Please advise in 'notes' at check out which weight you prefer for the exercise band

Exercise Band from Pillows for Pointes
Eco-Friendly latex resistance band with three levels of resistance. Extra long - each band measures 15 cm x 198 cm. Includes a FREE mini pillowcase in matching colour. Three weights: neon yellow (light weight), neon lime (medium weight), royal blue (heavy weight).
Finest quality, lightweight, portable and an affordable training solution. Can be used for a variety of dance training exercises.

Tendu Massage Ball Set - hard spiky ball, soft massage ball, lacrosse ball
Ideal physiotherapy for the ballerina.
This massage ball set includes 3 balls of different hardness, and are perfect for trigger point massage, relaxation exercises, muscle knots, and reflexology.
Use for a self massage or with assistance to treat back pain, improve circulation, stimulate muscles and ease tension. Individual sizes are specifically designed to target different areas of the body.
The spiky massage ball can help work out tight spots more precisely than foam rollers, especially on smaller muscle groups such as feet, glutes and calves. Includes a mesh storage bag and massage tips for different parts of the body.

Ahhs Lavender Foot Spray
Soothes and cools feet. Eliminates odours.
A convenient pump spray that is great for your feet, shoes or bag. This non-aerosol spray is from Pillows for Pointes.
No harmful chemicals, no animal testing, paraben free. Natural ingredients: 65% distilled water, 25% medical grade alcohol and 10% lavender oil.

Pilates Yoga Block for Dancer
Do you have tight hips, back, shoulders, neck, legs or calves? This super cute yoga block, with a ballerina stamped on the front, will easily fit in your dance bag. Yoga block exercises can help to improve stretching and strengthening of muscles and posture.
Exercises include:
Calf raises and stretching calves at the barre
Splits with varied heights on the block
Behind neck to gently roll out tight muscles + many more!
The yoga block is lightweight (only 130 grams)
Dimensions: Height 15 cm, Width 22.5 cm, Depth 7.5 cm
Colour: Purple

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