Ma Cherie Dancewear

Gaynor Minden Luxe Satin Finish Add-on


Shimmering, plush, and luxurious, LUXE satin “self-smooths” to prevent folds and wrinkles. It’s the shoe for a performance, a photo shoot, or anytime you need your shoes to look their best.

LUXE shoes have the same ultra-durable, quiet, and impact absorbing construction as other Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, and — according to the professionals who wear it — the new satin technology is even more comfortable.

Please be aware that LUXE satin feels slightly different than our regular satin due to the cushiony lining, and you may feel a slight change in support when switching to LUXE satin. 

By selecting this special order I understand that my order will take 4-5 weeks to ship, and the shoes are not returnable or exchangeable.


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