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Crystal Infused Rosewater Facial Mist


50ml Rosewater Facial Mist, Natural Toner & Makeup Finishing Spray. A perfect size to pop in your dance bag!

Rosewater assists in creating a beautiful complexion and if kept in the fridge, makes a beautifully refreshing facial mist.

Glass bottle with atomiser. Infused with Rose Quartz crystals for extra divine energy.

100% natural. Delicate natural Rosewater scent. Gently infused with certified organic hibiscus.

This delicious all natural facial mist is a beautifully refreshing pick me up for the face, anytime. Rosewater is also a fantastic toner & an amazing make-up finishing spray. Leaves your skin feeling & looking amazing & leaves you smelling like roses. 

Ingredients: Love, organic hibiscus infused rosewater, rose quartz crystals.

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