Ma Cherie Dancewear Australia - Gaynor Minden, Pillows for Pointes high quality dancewear and dancer accessories

Our family has been in the dance industry for many years. We created Ma Cherie Dancewear because we wanted to offer Australian dancers unique, luxury items that were not previously available here.

As full time dancers, the last thing we want to worry about is fraying elastic, uncomfortable tights, or pain and blisters whilst trying to get through long rehearsals. We realise it is important for dancer's accessories and dancewear to last the distance whilst you can solely concentrate on dancing. 

We only source and sell dancewear and accessories that are made from high quality materials. We also want to offer you items that can't be found at the mainstream shops, and that like me, you may have been searching for endlessly, or perhaps you didn't know about them.

I've been wearing Pillows for Pointes toe pads for as long as I can remember, and truly wouldn't want to wear anything else. They are super comfy and protect my bunions, enabling me to dance pain free, especially during long rehearsals. 

Now you can find all of these items in our shop without having to pay high shipping costs, and can quickly have them sent to you here in Australia.

Please try some of our products. I hope you will enjoy and love them as much as I do!

Larissa Gavrilova @larissa.gavrilova  xox