Sissone Wear

April Beige Wrap Skirt


Elegant, flowy chiffon wrap skirt.

Sissone Wear has made this piece as a lighter and more beautiful see-through skirt with an elastic tie. This skirt works beautifully with Aeonian Purity Nude Leotard, or Purity White Cream. Why do we love Sissone's skirts so much? The material is simply superior to other mainstream skirts. We are in love with the floatiness, airy and silky feeling of the material and you will be too!

Available in 2 sizes:
Short- Measurements: 31.5 cms (12.5 inches) length in front and  35.5 cms (14 inches) in the back
Long- 38 cm (15 inch) length in front, tapering to 45.5 cms (18 inch) and 61 cms (24 inch) in the back

Sizing: Now available in size Small/Medium or Medium/Large.

Care Instructions:

  • We highly recommend to wash this product by hand with cold water instead of using a washing machine.
  • Washing machines may damage the fabric.
  • All of the fabrics were post-processed after being dyed to prevent any coloring-off and strictly tested afterwards. However, we still recommend not to place the product under water for a long time, as it may still cause minimal coloring-off.
  • Hang to dry 

Photography by @puredynamicsphoto & Sissone Wear

Hair & makeup by @bellisma_bypatricia

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