Clare Black Velvet and Pink Lace Dance Leotard


Romantic dancewear from South Korea

iiLaire launched in 2018 and has been in operation for 6 years. Their passion is to produce high-quality, elegant and romantic dancewear, reflective of a sophisticated ballerina rather than basic style garments. Through the use of lace, unique design details and premium fabrics, the dancer will emanate grace and beauty, while also being able to move with comfort. iiLaire uses Italian polyamide yarn, known for its quick-drying and supportive properties, excellent for high-intensity and functional dancewear.

This alluring leotard includes delicate lace cap sleeves that connect to the heart shaped neckline, creating a feminine quality. The back provides full coverage for those who prefer less exposure of their back. 

The leotard offers inserts for sports bra padding.

Colour: Black.

The velvet fabric has less elasticity than regular fabric.
•Outer Shell: Poly 91% Span 9% 
•Lining: Nylon 84% Span 16%

Photography by iilaire

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