Fairy Pull On Skirt


An ultra feminine, figure flattering fairy skirt!

Olivine Wear strives to create unique styles by introducing new fashion trends and technologies which go beyond traditional ballet apparel. Their goal is to provide garments that combine comfort and sophistication to everyone who shares a passion for dance.

Olivine Wear guarantees the highest quality by utilising innovative production methods and premium materials. Their intricate and refined designs are also a strength, as they pay meticulous attention to detail, from weaving to embellishments to provide
beauty and functionality at the same time.

What is a wrap pull-on skirt? It's a pull-on skirt that looks like you're wearing a wrap skirt with the following advantages:

  • Usually like a chiffon wrap skirt, but for those of you who are uncomfortable with tying.
  • For those who want to change from warm pants to skirts quickly.

Material: 100% polyester chiffon 

sizing:  standard size/medium fit

Waistband 58-60cm


Front 27-29cm

Back 50cm 

Cleaning method:
Hand wash in cold water. Dry flat. Do not put in dryer and do not iron. Skirt may be steamed.

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