Pillows for Pointes

Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag


The must have mesh bag for storing your pointe shoes!

Original, large size mesh shoe bag with matching drawstring and plastic toggle. (drying bag) Popular, nylon panel on the front is great for personalisation. Can be silk screened, embroidered or decorated with ink markers. Inside, the exclusive Pillow Pocket holds Toe Pillows, keys or accessories. 

Size: Approximately 13” x 16” / 33cm x 41cm

Packaging: One Pillowcase packed in a zip lock plastic bag with a descriptive sticker.

Holds 2 pairs of shoes plus more! Available in 9 colours.

  • Lightweight. Hand wash, air dry. 
  • With the exclusive Pillow Pocket™
  • Hand wash - air dry
  • Durable - 100% Nylon

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