Introducing Our New Dancer Wellness Collection

We are so excited to launch this new collection for 2020! Being a dancer myself, I wanted to have natural wellness products available in the same place where I shop for all my other dancewear items. I also wanted these products to cater to my needs as a dancer, e.g. they need to be portable when I travel, easy and small enough to pop in my dance bag, natural, plus free of toxins.

With these gorgeous products you will be able to soothe tired, aching muscles and feet, as well as detoxify, exfoliate and nourish with 100% natural and organic body scrubs. Not only do you need to look and feel good with our clothing and dance accessories, we feel it is also equally important to look after your well-being.

You will find these items, including our signature Ma Cherie Ballerina foot soak, made locally in Australia with loads of love. Many of the products are Certified Organic and toxin free, with no artificial colours or fragrances and no preservatives.

They are so pretty and smell soooo good that you will want to give them to your friends as gifts. Once you try them, you will love them!

Larissa xx

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This product is really lovely. Helps soften your skin while drawing out the tiredness and heaviness from your feet. Highly recommend it!

Anonymous December 10, 2021

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