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Gaynor Minden Europa Pointe Shoes (Special Order)


Elegance and luxury in ballet pointe shoes

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe Update: After a long series of adjustments — mostly invisible — the European production is more and more closely matching the fit and performance of the old US production. GM have modified the linings, fine-tuned the curvature and finessed the platforms. Improvements and adjustments are ongoing. We think you’ll be pleased with them!

Gaynor Minden Europa pointe shoes retain the classic beauty of lustrous pink satin and elegant tapered lines, but with a completely modernized interior to meet the needs of today’s athletic dancers. The designer and almost the entire team are former dancers. 

American innovation meets European craftsmanship 

The satin used in GM's European factory is woven and dyed in Italy, home to the finest textile mills in the world. It was important for GM to source the satin locally, both for better quality control and to reduce carbon emissions. The Italian satin is a paler shade of pink and has a slightly matte finish, which looks beautiful on stage. In studio tests on two continents they found that dancers absolutely loved the new look. Plus, it’s easier to sew!

The new Italian satin is more supportive, and it maintains its consistency over time. This will allow many dancers to switch to a softer shank to achieve a more fluid roll-through and higher demi-pointe. Because the Italian satin is slightly firmer, some dancers who wear their shoes very tight may wish to try a half size longer. 

Suede tips have been the default option in Europe for well over a decade. Dancers appreciate the quality and durability of these well-made platforms. GM are thrilled to extend this product upgrade to the rest of the world. As they transition the stock in their USA warehouse, suede tips will become the default option for all customers — without the wait and at no additional cost.

  • Gaynor Minden shoes last 3-6 times longer than traditionally made pointe shoes. The parts that provide support for the dancer, the shank and toe box, are made from advanced flexible polymers. These are modern materials, not the 19th century paste and cardboard construction found in most other brands.
  • The buoyant support that you feel in the new shoe will remain the same throughout its life; that’s why it’s so important to select a stiffness that feels perfectly broken in when new — they do not soften with use. GM offer FIVE stiffness options.
  • Gaynor Minden shoes are lined with genuine Poron® 4000 Performance Cushioning.  Poron is a cellular urethane foam, found in the best athletic shoes, that can absorb significant impact even when only 1/16” to 1/8” thick — no comparison to cheap latex or EVA foams. Also, unlike other cushions, it does not “bottom out”; it always rebounds to its original state of resilience. They place different densities of Poron in different areas. A light density, 1/16” layer is directly underneath the entire length of your foot for all-around comfort and shock absorption. An additional, medium density cushion is underneath your heel to protect it and to ensure that you never feel the edge of the shank. Instead of pleats, high density impact (and noise!) reducing materials are underneath the toes, so landing from jumps is as quiet and fluid as possible.

***Sizing: To check your sizing, click here for Gaynor Minden's Pointe Shoe Size Chart and Ordering Options.

To check current shoes in stock click here. If you can not see your shoe size in stock, please place a special order with our form below. If you are looking for the NEW Lyra Pointe Shoe click hereWe strongly recommend a refit if you have been dancing in the US GM shoes, or if you have not been previously fitted by our team. Fittings are now available at our Sydney location by appointment only. Not in Sydney? No problem. We also offer online fittings.  Email us for more details 

Shoes in stock in European warehouse: please allow approximately 7-10 days for delivery.

For new production shoes please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. All new production shoes from the European factory will be made with Suede Tips at no additional charge. You can also request satin tips, instead of suede.

Mocha, Cappuccino, and Espresso shoes are made-to-order, which can take up to six weeks.

Pink shoes with Satin tips and White shoes are Special Orders, also take up to six weeks, and are NOT RETURNABLE.

Please advise us in Order Notes at check out if you have any extra requirements for your shoes. 

Refunds/Exchanges: For more details regarding refunds & exchanges, please click here.

“Photo(s) by Eduardo Patino, NYC ©2019 Gaynor Minden, Inc

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