Gaynor Minden

TLC Ribbon for Pointe Shoes


Your feet and ankles deserve some TLC: Tendon Loving Care. Pointe shoe ribbons must tie snuggly to look neat and professional en pointe, but standing flat they can chafe the Achilles tendon. Ouch and sometimes worse. Strategic insertion of elastic makes ribbons comfortable. Gaynor Minden shoe ribbons are super-tidy: ribbon and elastic are the same width and color, meticulously stitched together.
“Photo(s) by Eduardo Patino, NYC ©2017 Gaynor Minden, Inc.”

Ribbon: Soft but substantial Polyester 
Elastic: Firm yet stretchy Lycra 
Color: Pink

“Photo(s) by Eduardo Patino, NYC ©2019 Gaynor Minden, Inc"

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