Gaynor Minden

Gaynor Minden Europa & US Pointe Shoes (In Stock)


Gaynor Minden pointe shoes currently in stock

Gaynor Minden Europa Pointe Shoe Update: After a long series of adjustments — mostly invisible — the European production is more and more closely matching the fit and performance of the old US production. GM have modified the linings, fine-tuned the curvature and finessed the platforms. Improvements and adjustments are ongoing. We think you’ll be pleased with them!

To check your sizing, click here for Gaynor Minden's Pointe Shoe Size Chart and Ordering Options.

We strongly urge a refit if you have been dancing in the US made shoes and are switching to the European shoes. We also recommend that you choose a softer shank with the European shoes, as the satin is firmer and will allow for an easier roll through.

Please contact us at  to book an appointment for a fitting at our Sydney location, or an online fitting if you require assistance prior to purchasing your shoes. 

**If you can not see your size in stock below, try checking Lyra shoes in stock here, or click Europa Special Orders for more details.

Refunds/Exchanges: For more details regarding refunds & exchanges, please click here.

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